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BLIZZCON 2021- Postponed from 2020

I don't like writing rent posts. But I have to be honest with this one.

Am I a joke to you Blizzard?

Before we go too far, let me quickly recap what was announced on the (khm.. postponed) Blizzcon as 2021 releases:

... Or rather not announced, first of all let me tell you sadly what's not going to be released this year:

  • Diablo Immortal

  • Diablo IV

  • Overwatch 2

Okay, but then what is going to be released? Oh bois do not worry, we will get:

  • New patch to WOW Shadowlads

  • New patch to Hearthstone - with some extra features during the year

  • Arcade collection - This is an arcade bundle, including 3 games: The Lost Vikings, Rock N Roll Racing and the Blackthrone. The interesting part is, that these were released in the '90s, and now they "rereleased" literally exactly the same games. Not even a single developer was working on this project. Or at least it seems like

  • WOW - The Burning Crusade - The "Classic" WOW series is taking its next step, and they're happily announced that the 15 years old expension is going to be rereleased as well this year

  • Diablo 2 Resurrected - Again we are talking about a 21 years old game (was launched in 2000), which is going to be purchasable without any significant upgrade or reshape or remaster or anything

And the games Blizzard don't want to talk about (probably doesn't worth the money anymore.. or at least for now):

  • StarCraft II

  • Warcraft 3 Remastered

  • Heroes of the Storm

Any Conclusion?

Honestly? I'd rather keep it short. I'm a finance person which means that on weekdays it's kind of the ideal situation. "We are making money on the smallest possible cost." Huge margin, the shareholders are happy..

Well, it's weekend, and I'm a gamer. And I'm raging at home, as the "always loved" Blizzard, with an empty pipeline for a whole year, trying to sell me 15, 20 and 30 years old games on kind of full price. Insane call Blizzard, insane.

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